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I'm an avid "Tatter", herbalist, soapmaker, I also make organic/gluten free pet treats. A Hippie by nature. I am also converting a school bus into a tiny home (skoolie). Enjoying a simpler life, of minimization.

When Social Platforms Stop meeting our Needs



About the same time that Facebook was making it’s debut in the U.S.A. Orkut was making it’s debut in Brazil.

Orkut was named after its creator Orkut Büyükkökten, a google employee. This site was very popular, and widely used in Brazil. Over 90% of all page views had been accessed by users in Brazil.


Similar to other social networking sites, it allowed users to find similar communities. In the first 4 months of operation it gained over 50,000 communities and 12 months later had over 1,500,000 communities. Users could find old schoolmates, people they admire, co-workers, and people that shared similar interests.

By 2012, there  was over 30 million users. Extremely popular with technology workers as well as students. It had an invite only membership.


The site was clean, easy to use. Friends could rate their friends on how cute, sexy, fun, or trustworthy they were.

Brazil quickly became deeply involved in on-line shopping. The country does not allow any outside type of advertising (billboards and the like). It is the 5th largest on-line shopping markets in the world.  Brazil was one of the first countries where cell phones outnumbered the people.  Where 77% of the population shops on-line, they use social media sites, to research products, and trust on-line contacts for word of mouth recommendations.

Brazilians want products and brands that allow you to blog about the products, play games, and want video included in the marketing.

Orkut was the leader of the pack. Well, sort of. It had it’s limitations too. These limitations closed down the site in 2014. With problems with the website, such as blockages, a limited amount of friends one could have. There were also difficulties in loading and sharing of photos.

In the end Orkut, though once so popular, could no longer meet the needs of its users. Unable to fix their problems, the site was shut down in September 2014. It has been replaced with other platforms that were culturally appropriate.

With any social media platform it is important that they stay appropriate not only to the cultures that they serve but to the users themselves. If the site becomes to burdensome, or no longer meets the needs or wants of the end-user, it will become irrelevant. We have seen this with the likes of MySpace and other platforms. Those that keep up with their users live on, to see another day.


Attracting all your audiences in one app




Weixin, (pronounced Way shun), is a Chinese app, that wraps Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Uber, e-commerce, and many other apps in one. is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media  and mobile payment app, a “super app” Weixin is owned by Tancent with over 300 million active users in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. In 2014 the company was worth $100 billion on the Hong Kong Exchange.

This app target mobile phone users, that are young, living in urban areas. It allows for chatting among friends, sending of photos, texting, or ordering a cab. It is a combination of all the platforms we have here in the U.S.A. and more. It is a truly an “all-in-one” app. If you see a news article you want to read and you click on it, you stay within the app, you are not redirected to the official news organizations site. If your shoppingOne can do just about anything within this app, without having to search, which cuts down on time.

Qiang Hongbao”


Qiang Hongbao, literally means Red Envelope Campaign.

It is a Chinese tradition to give money for the Chinese New Year to family and friends. Weixin added a Red Envelope feature in 2014.  This allowed users to connect their bank accounts to the campaign to send money. The site went even further and made sort of a game out of it. If someone wanted to send a total of $50.00 to 4 friends, the program would randomly set the amounts given to each of the 4. One might receive $30, the second $10, the third and fourth each $5.00.  This created much excitement and buzz with the users, of this social media app. Over 20 million dollars was spent by 5 million users.

Didi Taxi


Didi Taxi was also introduced in 2014. This program works with 350 thousand taxi drivers across 30 cities. This program allows the user to book a taxi, and pay through the Weixin site. It is utilized by more than 22 million users, with more than a half a million bookings made daily.



With a few clicks, a user is able to get a shop up and running on the Weixin site. When you make purchases from these shops, you stay right on the Weixin platform. Making your selection and purchase you are never redirected to another site.

Why is Weixin so successful?

From a marketing standpoint, Weixin does everything! It engages users in one platform, where here in the U.S.A, we need Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Uber and more, to do only a portion of what Weixin can do. If users are able to access everything on one platform, why use any other? A few clicks on the Weixin site, and you have an e-commerce site.

Everything on the Weixin site is simple to do, from chatting (through text or voice), shopping, ordering a taxi, or the multitude of other things that are enabled, it has become the norm for users in their everyday lives.

Because Weixin is a mobile app, it is always available to the user, at work, play, or home. This site has become part of the users everyday life. Because it is part of their everyday life, it is easier to promote behavior changes, these changes can be either social changes, or purchasing habits.


Do We know Why we do it?


When marketing for a cause, such as cancer research, autism awareness and the countless other causes, it is important to bring attention to that cause.  This type of marketing is done to change behaviors, and bring a change to how society views things.  Initiate action, not only to raise awareness, but to get donations of money, volunteering time, sign a petition, or writing letters, to name a few (Mahoney & Tang, 2017).  Sometimes, while the effort goes viral, it misses its end goal, of awareness, or calls to action.  The viral Breast Cancer Awareness campaign does just that, it misses its mark. While it is fun to participate, many think it’s just a game, without knowing it has anything to do with Breast Cancer Awareness.


Every October we (women) get these messages to post on Facebook. And we are not to tell any males why we post them. Do you know why we do this? For the first two years I even participated in it, not knowing. The third year, I found out this was for Breast Cancer Awareness! Silly me, I thought it was just a game, among my friends.



These posts will be about where you put your purse. Your supposed to say, “I like it on the _____” and you fill in the blank. Another is to simply state what color your bra is that you are wearing at the moment.  Just post the color. Every year it changes.

So, the question is what purpose does it serve? Yes, it’s fun to participate, but how is this bringing awareness for breast cancer? It adds no information on breast cancer. Shouldn’t there be information on the subject?

I’m all for being an activist, even if it’s cyber activism. But how does this bring awareness to breast cancer? Shouldn’t men be aware of breast cancer also? Why keep them out of the loop? If they know more about breast cancer, maybe they will be able to better support the women in their lives dealing with it.  And men also suffer from breast cancer! They need to be aware. In 2012, out of 2,000 men who were diagnosed with breast cancer, 400 had died from it (Mahoney & Tang, 2017).


The answers to these questions only sexualize breast cancer. It seems fun, but in today’s society, where women are speaking out about being sexualized doesn’t this add to the problem? Aren’t we allowing ourselves to be sexualized?

nothing fake about them

From a marketing standpoint, it was a fun thing to do. Yet, it really has nothing to do with bringing awareness to the cause. That is the point of marketing for a cause, if it does not bring awareness? Does it have a call to action? Other than posting a few words, no, it does not even come close to doing so.  Instead, wouldn’t it be better to disseminate the information. Encourage us to do self-checks, regular mammograms? How about volunteering, at a chemotherapy treatment center? How about awareness for men? Other call to actions, could be a petition, donating (time or money). There is so much more we can do than telling the world where we like to put our purse, or what color bra we are wearing.



I need new glasses


So, I need new for my glasses. But I don’t have time to go pick out a pair at the local optical shop. Unless anyone knows of a dependable 24 hour optical shop near me. It’s getting harder to see all the little threads!

What should I do? The answer is of course on the internet! Warby Parker comes to mind.

Who or what is Warby Parker

Warby Parker was started by 4 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania students, Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, and Jeffrey Raider.

Meet_the_Founders___Warby_Parker - Paul Ciano

These students recognized that many people don’t have time to search out an optical shop for new glasses, those in rural areas, sometimes need to travel far and wide. And the prices were out of hand, to expensive for most to purchase, especially students.  In an attempt to make it easier on consumers, the classmates decided to turn the market on its head. They obtained a small seed grant of $2500, and started Warby Parker.  The business model is all on-line, they design their own frames, and sell directly to consumers.  By doing business this way, the company lowered the cost of glasses. And it worked, they have shipped more than 500,000 pairs of glasses, and employs more 100 people.

Couple wearing eyeglasses

How does it work

Warby Parker allows you to pick 5 pairs of glasses and return the ones you do not want. You are not charged until you choose.  They also engage with the consumers so they feel they are getting personalized service  They constantly communicate with the consumer, on social media platforms, encouraging dialog, and posting pictures of them wearing the glasses.  When posting ‘selfies” of themselves wearing the glasses, Warby Parker found consumers were twice as likely to purchase.  This has lead to brand loyalty.

Lucy in Elderflower Crystal

Social Responsibility

Warby Parker has joined forces with VisionSpring. This joint venture, has allowed the company to provide a pair of glasses to a person in need, for every pair of glasses sold.  This has helped the consumer to feel better about changing their loyalty to the chain store purchases, knowing they are helping someone in need.

Mahoney,  l M., & Tang, T. (2017). Strategic Social Media From Marketing to Social Change. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

Husbands can make you Tattered too!


It’s been a very busy week for me! (Isn’t it always?)

I’ve been working hard on the special order of the barefoot sandals and slave bracelets.  They need to be completed and ready to be shipped by no later than June 10th.

barefoot sandal in progress

Barefoot sandal in progress about 1/3 done!

Have to take a day off of the regular job, this week.  Need to register Hubby’s car, (It’s due the end of May) Now in MA, you can normally do this on-line. Great! Me: Honey, I need your car registration.  Hubby: I don’t know where it is. We look, in the car, in the house, not to be found! So tomorrow, I get to leave work a day early, and go sit at the DMV, for several hours. While I’m at it, if I remember to grab my marriage certificate, I’ll finally change the name on my license. (Our 5th anniversary was the 17th!)

I’ll be bringing my tatting with me, and where really comfy clothes, since it’s hard benches and looong waits! Even getting there before it opens, is long, I’ll be getting there well after it opens!

Then of course there is the always present classes for the MBA – must say I’m proud of myself for maintaining an A! (Pats self on back)

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beige Sunhat with band




Wait! What? This is a blog about lace making! What does lace have to do with anti-aging?

The answer: Sunhats

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Well here in the north east the sun has finally broken through, yesterday we broke all sorts of records with the heat, and it’s only May.  Have you ever wondered why all the doctors are pushing for us to take Vitamin D3? It’s because we don’t get out in the sun like we used to.  We don’t produce enough Vitamin D, and our skin just isn’t used to the exposure. This gets worse as we get older.

tan hat with Broadband and flower

Tan Hat with tatted Broad band and flower

Being an herbalist, I like to take the more natural route.  I don’t like putting chemicals on my skin. I use all natural sunscreens, and moisturizers.  But still the sun can be damaging to our skin, especially our faces where we are trying not to have crows feet, fine lines and age spots.  What better way to protect our face from the anti-aging affects of the sun, than to where a big beautiful floppy hat?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brown Sunhat with Tatted pink flowers and vines



So get out enjoy the summer, and protect your face with a Tattered Tatter Sunhat! Order now and receive 15% off each sunhat.  Our Bandana’s are included! Discount taken at checkout!

Enjoy your summer fun!


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beige Hat with Tatted Band

Meet the Tattered Tatter

Meet the Tattered Tatter

I’ve been as busy as ever lately! Between working my 96 hour shift, studying for my MBA, taking care of family, I’ve been tatting up a storm.  I had a request for barefoot sandals and a slave bracelet, for a wedding in June. (These are not yet on the website)

These will be done in Ivory thread, with ivory ribbon and white satin glass pearl beads.

Do you have something you would like to see made into lace? e-mail me a picture:

Working on making videos of the tatting as I’m doing it. The biggest challenge is the learning curve for the editing software!

Want to meet the Tattered Tatter? Check out this video:

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Tatted Memory


Sun Catcher

Marble Suncatcher 2

Marble Sun Catcher