Attracting all your audiences in one app




Weixin, (pronounced Way shun), is a Chinese app, that wraps Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Uber, e-commerce, and many other apps in one. is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media  and mobile payment app, a “super app” Weixin is owned by Tancent with over 300 million active users in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. In 2014 the company was worth $100 billion on the Hong Kong Exchange.

This app target mobile phone users, that are young, living in urban areas. It allows for chatting among friends, sending of photos, texting, or ordering a cab. It is a combination of all the platforms we have here in the U.S.A. and more. It is a truly an “all-in-one” app. If you see a news article you want to read and you click on it, you stay within the app, you are not redirected to the official news organizations site. If your shoppingOne can do just about anything within this app, without having to search, which cuts down on time.

Qiang Hongbao”


Qiang Hongbao, literally means Red Envelope Campaign.

It is a Chinese tradition to give money for the Chinese New Year to family and friends. Weixin added a Red Envelope feature in 2014.  This allowed users to connect their bank accounts to the campaign to send money. The site went even further and made sort of a game out of it. If someone wanted to send a total of $50.00 to 4 friends, the program would randomly set the amounts given to each of the 4. One might receive $30, the second $10, the third and fourth each $5.00.  This created much excitement and buzz with the users, of this social media app. Over 20 million dollars was spent by 5 million users.

Didi Taxi


Didi Taxi was also introduced in 2014. This program works with 350 thousand taxi drivers across 30 cities. This program allows the user to book a taxi, and pay through the Weixin site. It is utilized by more than 22 million users, with more than a half a million bookings made daily.



With a few clicks, a user is able to get a shop up and running on the Weixin site. When you make purchases from these shops, you stay right on the Weixin platform. Making your selection and purchase you are never redirected to another site.

Why is Weixin so successful?

From a marketing standpoint, Weixin does everything! It engages users in one platform, where here in the U.S.A, we need Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Uber and more, to do only a portion of what Weixin can do. If users are able to access everything on one platform, why use any other? A few clicks on the Weixin site, and you have an e-commerce site.

Everything on the Weixin site is simple to do, from chatting (through text or voice), shopping, ordering a taxi, or the multitude of other things that are enabled, it has become the norm for users in their everyday lives.

Because Weixin is a mobile app, it is always available to the user, at work, play, or home. This site has become part of the users everyday life. Because it is part of their everyday life, it is easier to promote behavior changes, these changes can be either social changes, or purchasing habits.


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