Husbands can make you Tattered too!


It’s been a very busy week for me! (Isn’t it always?)

I’ve been working hard on the special order of the barefoot sandals and slave bracelets.  They need to be completed and ready to be shipped by no later than June 10th.

barefoot sandal in progress

Barefoot sandal in progress about 1/3 done!

Have to take a day off of the regular job, this week.  Need to register Hubby’s car, (It’s due the end of May) Now in MA, you can normally do this on-line. Great! Me: Honey, I need your car registration.  Hubby: I don’t know where it is. We look, in the car, in the house, not to be found! So tomorrow, I get to leave work a day early, and go sit at the DMV, for several hours. While I’m at it, if I remember to grab my marriage certificate, I’ll finally change the name on my license. (Our 5th anniversary was the 17th!)

I’ll be bringing my tatting with me, and where really comfy clothes, since it’s hard benches and looong waits! Even getting there before it opens, is long, I’ll be getting there well after it opens!

Then of course there is the always present classes for the MBA – must say I’m proud of myself for maintaining an A! (Pats self on back)

Don’t forget our Sunhats and bandana’s are on sale until June 1st 2017. 15% off and always free shipping!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beige Sunhat with band


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