Wait! What? This is a blog about lace making! What does lace have to do with anti-aging?

The answer: Sunhats

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Well here in the north east the sun has finally broken through, yesterday we broke all sorts of records with the heat, and it’s only May.  Have you ever wondered why all the doctors are pushing for us to take Vitamin D3? It’s because we don’t get out in the sun like we used to.  We don’t produce enough Vitamin D, and our skin just isn’t used to the exposure. This gets worse as we get older.

tan hat with Broadband and flower

Tan Hat with tatted Broad band and flower

Being an herbalist, I like to take the more natural route.  I don’t like putting chemicals on my skin. I use all natural sunscreens, and moisturizers.  But still the sun can be damaging to our skin, especially our faces where we are trying not to have crows feet, fine lines and age spots.  What better way to protect our face from the anti-aging affects of the sun, than to where a big beautiful floppy hat?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brown Sunhat with Tatted pink flowers and vines



So get out enjoy the summer, and protect your face with a Tattered Tatter Sunhat! Order now and receive 15% off each sunhat.  Our Bandana’s are included! Discount taken at checkout!

Enjoy your summer fun!


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Beige Hat with Tatted Band

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