Husbands can make you Tattered too!


It’s been a very busy week for me! (Isn’t it always?)

I’ve been working hard on the special order of the barefoot sandals and slave bracelets.  They need to be completed and ready to be shipped by no later than June 10th.

barefoot sandal in progress

Barefoot sandal in progress about 1/3 done!

Have to take a day off of the regular job, this week.  Need to register Hubby’s car, (It’s due the end of May) Now in MA, you can normally do this on-line. Great! Me: Honey, I need your car registration.  Hubby: I don’t know where it is. We look, in the car, in the house, not to be found! So tomorrow, I get to leave work a day early, and go sit at the DMV, for several hours. While I’m at it, if I remember to grab my marriage certificate, I’ll finally change the name on my license. (Our 5th anniversary was the 17th!)

I’ll be bringing my tatting with me, and where really comfy clothes, since it’s hard benches and looong waits! Even getting there before it opens, is long, I’ll be getting there well after it opens!

Then of course there is the always present classes for the MBA – must say I’m proud of myself for maintaining an A! (Pats self on back)

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Beige Sunhat with band





Wait! What? This is a blog about lace making! What does lace have to do with anti-aging?

The answer: Sunhats

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Well here in the north east the sun has finally broken through, yesterday we broke all sorts of records with the heat, and it’s only May.  Have you ever wondered why all the doctors are pushing for us to take Vitamin D3? It’s because we don’t get out in the sun like we used to.  We don’t produce enough Vitamin D, and our skin just isn’t used to the exposure. This gets worse as we get older.

tan hat with Broadband and flower

Tan Hat with tatted Broad band and flower

Being an herbalist, I like to take the more natural route.  I don’t like putting chemicals on my skin. I use all natural sunscreens, and moisturizers.  But still the sun can be damaging to our skin, especially our faces where we are trying not to have crows feet, fine lines and age spots.  What better way to protect our face from the anti-aging affects of the sun, than to where a big beautiful floppy hat?

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Brown Sunhat with Tatted pink flowers and vines



So get out enjoy the summer, and protect your face with a Tattered Tatter Sunhat! Order now and receive 15% off each sunhat.  Our Bandana’s are included! Discount taken at checkout!

Enjoy your summer fun!


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Beige Hat with Tatted Band

Meet the Tattered Tatter

Meet the Tattered Tatter

I’ve been as busy as ever lately! Between working my 96 hour shift, studying for my MBA, taking care of family, I’ve been tatting up a storm.  I had a request for barefoot sandals and a slave bracelet, for a wedding in June. (These are not yet on the website)

These will be done in Ivory thread, with ivory ribbon and white satin glass pearl beads.

Do you have something you would like to see made into lace? e-mail me a picture:

Working on making videos of the tatting as I’m doing it. The biggest challenge is the learning curve for the editing software!

Want to meet the Tattered Tatter? Check out this video:

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Tatted Memory


Sun Catcher

Marble Suncatcher 2

Marble Sun Catcher


I think Spring is almost here!


We Are Back!

We Are Back!

Sorry its been so long since you’ve heard from us. Its been very busy, between working, family matters, studying for my MBA, and so much more. Though I haven’t been blogging or keeping things up-to-date, I have been Tatting, as it keeps me sane!

Over the next several days and weeks I will be adding the products I’ve been tatting.

Our newest product is fun, dainty and the perfect gift! We are now taking pre-orders, for Easter or Mother’s Day.

This is a family tree. On top is the Mom, with children then grandchildren. Each pendant sold separately, display not included. (It’s a bird Jewelry tree from


Family Tree

Here is a close up of the picture pendant. They can be hung on the jewelry tree, attached to a key chain, add a chain and make it a necklace. The possibilities are endless.


Tatted Memories

Each pendant is 1 inch half round magnifying cabochon, with 570 hand tied tatted knots, using the shuttle method, 100% Egyptian cotton.  Be sure to choose your color! If you don’t see the color you want, just message me through the site (messenger), and let me know.

Order yours now, as these are a hot item right now. At this point please allow 2 weeks for your order.

My Addiction!

My Addiction!

Tatting has become my addiction. Though I have been tatting for more than 40 years, learning as a teen. I have always enjoyed creating beautiful items. But in the last couple of years, it has become my addiction. Rarely, do I not have shuttle(s) and thread in hand. In one of the antique pattern book I have, it stated that Tatting is an inexpensive craft, all you need is a shuttle and thread. I laughed so hard! I have hundreds of balls of threads, probably close to 100 shuttles, several tatting needles, and boundless amounts of beads, findings, charms and more!
What is tatting you ask?
Tatting is a Victorian art form of making lace. Though there are many variations of the origins of tatting. The most popular version has to do with Sailors. Sailors would work on their fishing nets using a shuttle and rope. The sailors would take left over pieces of rope, using the shuttle to make gifts for their mothers, wives, or even their mistresses. During the Victorian era, the women made the shuttles smaller, so they could use thread. These shuttles, quickly went from crude to ornate. Made from metals, such as tin, steel, silver and other precious metals. Some were made from wood, while others were made from bones and horns. Now they are even made from plastics.  The threads range from thick yarns to very thin threads. The smallest thread I’ve worked with, is size 100.(Actually still do, I’m making my daughters wedding veil.)

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Some of my shuttles!

Though I use both needle and shuttles in my tatting. I prefer using the shuttle. I have used up to 6 shuttles at a time. Though I do try to limit the amount to three!


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Tatting Needles


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